What is 3D printing?

3D printer3D technology in recent years have become extremely popular and not only movies, TV sets and glasses are made in with this technique. Now there is the universal 3D printer that is an amazing technology innovation and great overall device for anyone.

3D printing is a new manufacturing process that enables the user make three dimensional solid objects of any kind from digital file. The 3D object is printed by using additive process – the printer lays down successive layers or material until the object is made. Each of this super thin layers are seen on the object as thin sliced horizontal cross-sections of the printed object.

The 3D printing process is started by creating a visual design of the object that you want to print. it can be anything you like from shoe to gun, you just need to know how to create this design. It is usually done in a 3D modeling program that afterwards create Computer Aided Design fails. If you want to make a replica of already existing file then you can use a 3D scanner to make a digital copy of the existing object and put it in the 3D modeling system.

When the design is done you have to prepare it in a 3D modeling program. This software will slice the model into hundreds of horizontal layers that the printer will use as guiding points to create the final object. After the file is ready you need to upload it in the 3D printer where the printer itself will create the object by blending each layer to the next without leaving any visible seams for a full on three dimensional object.

There are a several different methods the 3D printers use to create objects. There are:

  • Selective laser sintering that uses high power laser to mash together small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powder to create mass that is shaped into the shape of the object. So layer by layer the mass is applied until the object is completed.
  • Fused deposition modeling that works by using a plastic filament or metal wire. The wire supplies the material to the extrusion nozzle that turns on and off the flow. The nozzle also is so hot that melts the material and by moving it horizontally and vertically in controlled way to form layers and so layer by layer an object is made.
  • Stereolithography is a technique in which an ultraviolet laser builds the layers of the designed object out of photopolymer. When making each of the layer the laser beam traces a cross-section of the part pattern on the surface of the liquid resin. The laser light also solidifies the pattern and joins the payers together.


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