Top 5 3D movies

avatarThe number and letter combination 3D automatically associates with the cinema and movies that are released in this format. A lot of people only go to the cinema because there they have the chance to see movies in this fantastic, interactive and new age way. So here I will break down TOP 5 3D movies that are loved by people all around the world.

  • The number one on this list obviously have to be Avatar because it undeniably is the most jaw-dropping 3D adventure even up to this day. The film is directed by the famous James Cameron who is know to create huge movies and again have made one of the biggest films of all times. Avatar was released in 2009 and it seems that since the technology should have moved up and there should be an even bigger 3D film, but up until this moment there isn’t better, more colorful film that would create visual adventure to the audience a Cameron’s Avatar.
  • Although it may seem weird to put Avatar next to this movie but the second place has to go to the animation film “How to train your dragon”. This film was made by director tandem – Dean Deblois and Chris Saunders and came out in 2010. This DreamWorks film about viking village and dragons is a heart-felt movie with amazing visual effects and funny dialog.  And the climax of the film won’t disappoint even those who usually don’t like animation films. But when you watch it in 3D all the plying sequences gives you the feeling that you are on that dragon rather than the main character – Hiccup.
  • The next amazing 3D movie is called “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. This Eric Brevig film if filled with special effect that are almost specially made so that those who watch it in 3D have the journey of their lifetime. This 2008 movie centers around a scientist and his nephew that are searching for his lost brother. Lead by their guide Hannah the accidentally discover a whole another world, that is filled with magical things to showcase in 3D film.
  • Another animated movie definitely worth this list is “Monsters Vs. Aliens”. This film that was released in 2009 and directed by Robert Letterman and Conrad Vernon is a kids movie about a woman that is placed together with a group of monsters to fight alien robots. All of the sci-fi worth elements of the animated film gave the directors a great medium to color that world and make it so bright, interesting and breathtaking, that it all in 3D seems almost impossible for an animated movie. Great filmt for the whore family as there will be a little bit of everything packaged in one big box full of amazing visuals and effects.
  • And lastly I will mention a concert movie of the band U2. This movie that was filmed in 2007 is an amazing visual experience of U2’s live concert. It was directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington and they used all 3D cameras that existed at the time to capture the bands performance in nine concerts. This technically heavy film came out smooth and seamless capturing the bands concert and giving the viewer an opportunity to feel like he is in the audience. The carefully edited film will truly give you the ins and the outs of the band, their concert and their amazing musical performance.

So here you have it. An eclectic mix of the best 3D movies. These are the ones that will grab your attention and take you on a visual ride through 3D effects.



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