Top 3 3D websites

When you hear or see the two piece combination of 3D you most probably thing 3D cinema or 3D movies but well nowadays when the technologies are advancing in high speeds you can find also 3D websites on the internet. They are beautifully designed and are the next step in creating all 3D content. So here are top 3 of my favorite 3D websites.

The only thing I have to say before we look at these websites are that to see the full extent of the content on these websites you may need 3D glasses because otherwise it can be hard to view, but even without the glasses you can get the idea of the way this technology works and how it have the capability to change our daily internet browsing.

OK, now on with the list:

digitalpodge_co_ukThis is a website for Digital Podge 2010 which is an event for people from the digital industry to come together to share stories, successes, fails and their experience working in this industry. So I think that this website is only suitable for this kind of event because 3D technology nowadays is a big part of digital industry and the lives of people working in it. Each and every  section of the website is created in 3D mode and accompanied with beautiful graphics and backgrounds. The creators of this website did a great job to show how 3D can be used to make something spectacular.

damthemovie_comThis website is for a movie called “Dam 999” that is produced by a Sohan Roy film. The film is described as: “an imagery that is ethereally beautiful”. And the same could be said for the website itself. Although it is possible to switch to regular html version of the website, where there is more content, it is not that impressive as its 3D counterpart. The only things that you can see on the website are the name of the film, production company, a short description of it and also there is the trailer of the fil available. But the best thing about the website is that you can eve click the title away and explore the beautiful mountainside that is the scenery in this site.

embraceyourelement_comThis is a website for Element energy drink that also features 3D elements in the very moment when you enter the website. The plus is that for this website you don’t even need 3D glasses to experience 3D elements, because right at the beginning when the different flavors of the drink are showcased there are things like flames and water thrown right at you. And you really feel like they will spring out of your screen and the 3D element are seen all through the website. Another great thing is the overall powerful feel of the website as it should because it is for an energy drink.

So what do you think about 3D websites and them coming into play more and more often? I think that they are an amazing way how to make our website jumping internet surfing experience more interesting and more interactive.


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