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How 3D cameras work

3d camera3D movies are a great invention because they let people who are watching them experience and get more of these films that a regular 2D movie. But there is whole bunch of technology including cameras to capture any movie in 3D that is very interesting and exciting.

The 3D cameras essentially are two or more cameras rigged together to capture the movie from different angles at the same speed in a way similarly to how human brau captures real world.

Some 3D cameras also have dual lenses  that are 3 inches apart. That is done to make the camera similar to human eye. Each of our eyes perceive image in a bit different way and our eyes are roughly 3 inches apart so by mimicking the human eyes with the camera lenses the movie makers are able to capture similar picture with depth as our eyes do. later by using the 3D glasses we alternate the image so that our brain can process it and make an illusion that the movie we are seeing have depth.

To shoot close up shots in 3D the two cameras or two lenses have to be placed very close to each other to get the right depth. So here cameramen use mirror rings – two cameras that are operated from the same lens, but the image is split the way it needs to be for 3D movie by two very little mirrors, hence the name mirror rigs.

Because it is pretty impossible to capture image with the ideal 3D depth perception so the filmmakers, producers and screenwriters all need to work together and write the screenplays that have shots that are suited to 3D cameras. They usually are usually shots that triangulate geometric distance, so that the screens look good on 3D screens. That is why careful and perfect shot planning will not only make the film director job easier but the shooting will be easier too and the film might end up looking much better.

After all the scenes are shot there is special software that is used to edit the footage into movie. This software lets the editors match the image up in the correct relation with geometric algorithms so that that the movie appear in 3D, as well as edit the rest of the film. This software is also a big part of 3D movies, because without the software you wouldn’t be able put together the footage that was filmed with the 3D cameras.

So there you have it – how 3D cameras work and in addition also what helps the 3D cameras to create the ideal 3D movie.


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What is 3D technology

Nowadays going to the cinema is all about the 3D experience, the movie being watched in 3D form to get the best picture and the best adventure while watching a movie. But nowadays there are available many different gadgets and devices that can translate its content in 3D manner and all of these devices are called 3D technology.

Although we all kind of know what 3D means or at least have seen or experienced it for ourselves before speaking about 3D technology we should look at what 3D actually means.

3D stands for three dimensions which means that by looking at content in 3D you will see all of the object on 3 axis Cartesian coordinate system – instead of only the horizontal X and vertical Y axes there will be the third Z axe, that will represent the depth of the picture. So by looking at anything that is called 3D it will appear as in real life with the depth too, like you could touch it.

In cinema and in most 3D technologies this 3D term means that all of this technology have 3D computer graphic aspects, like the minimization of binocular disparity know also as stereoscopy process, when the picture is altered mainly with 3D glasses to create the depth.

Also we need to at the 3D glasses themselves to better understand the 3D system and also all of the 3D technology as many of the 3D gadgets use 3D glasses.

In many cases the 3D content itself has 2 sets of video embedded in it one for each lense of the 3D glasses to create the 3D image. The special lenses of the 3D glasses will each perceive the video type that is meant for it, filter the frames for your brain to understand the content and transform it so that is has depth – it becomes 3D.

But now we can not only see 3D in the cinema as it used to be but in our homes too, because many companies make TV sets and even laptops that offer this kind of 3D technology to their consumers.  You can watch your favorite movies and sports events in 3D to make it more realistic and to make it feel like you’re there in the movie set or sports arena.

Now you can choose from many manufacturers and kind of 3D TVs from ones who do need the 3D glasses to ones that don’t. You can also even pick up a 3D phone model, 3D video cameras, 3D printers and event laptops that support 3D content. And this is just the beginning of the list of technologies that are or soon will be available in some form of 3D.


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3D TV explained

While we are used to see 3D movies only in the cinema, now you can buy a TV set that will allow you to watch your favorite shows, movies and sports games in 3D technology to offer you the highest quality experience in the comfort of your home.

Simply putting it 3D TV is an optical illusion that is created by the combination of the TV set and the 3D glasses.Then the picture from this mix is processed by your brain that is tricked into thinking that you see the picture in 3D manner when in the reality you are looking at completely flat image.

The brain can be tricked mainly because of the 3D glasses. Each of the lenses on these glasses are a bit different so with each of your eyes you will see as bit different picture. But when you are looking through the glasses with both evey at the same time your brain process this lens combination and create the illusion that the picture you are seeing have depth and other different effect that create the 3D feel.

When it comes to the term 3D TV it can be referred either to all of the devices that are necessary to watch the picture in 3D or to all of the different content that can be watched in 3D.

Nowadays you can see quite a lot of TV sets that have this 3D feature built inside of them but there again are also my different kind and level 3D technologies that are put in these TV sets. Based on your budget you can chose from cheaper to very expensive TVs to enjoy the 3D effect.

One of the most common and also the best 3D technology specifically for TVs is the Active Shutter 3D TV, because this kind of technologie will show you each and every pixel of the TV in 3D, formating film into 3D. This will let you really see and experience all the benefits from 3D.

One thing though that you have to keep in mind is the fact that most TV sets come with only two to four 3D glasses if they come with any at all. So when you purchase 3D TV make sure you have 3D glasses, because without them you won’t be able to see the 3D effect.

Also there are some TVs that don’t need the 3D glasses for you to watch 3D content on them, because they have installed similar glass as the 3D glasses have right on the TV to alter the image. But these kind of TV sets right now are pretty low in resolution and also these TVs cento be properly viewed only from the front as the glass and screen combination won’t work right if you are looking at it from the side. In future this kind of technology will become better and eventually dominate the 3D TV market but for right now I suggest  sticking to TVs that need to use the 3D glasses to watch content in 3D.

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