Most interesting things you can print with 3D printer

makerbot 3d printer3D printing in last couple of years have become and exciting new way to create many different objects in very short time. That is because a 3D printer is designed to allow you print real, 3 dimensional objects from only a template. It eliminates the need to work with many different materials to create something new, exciting and beautiful.

  • Don’t you hate when the cords of almost any electronics you own always get tangled up and you need to spend a good minute to untangle them before you can use the cord? Well with a 3D printer you can print out your very own gear wrap that would allow you to organize your cords in nice lille ring and won’t prevent them from tangling up. This kind of accessory would make a lot of peoples lives that much easier.
  • Nowadays you can buy many different IPad and tablet stands but with a 3D printer you would have the ability to print the stand in the shape you want it. Weather it is in the shape of a human and it looks like he is holding the tablet up or in the shape of animal, it really doesn’t matter. You can let your imagination rad wild and create a design of your liking.
  • Also with this kind of printer you can print out any shape of lamp shade you want. It can look like a flower, sun, moon or any other object but it would be your own design and suited to your taste and to the feel you want your living space to have. And there already are designers that are using these 3D printers to create and sell original works of art. You just could be one of them.
  • And a weird as it may sound you can even print out a fabric with the 3D printer. Although for now the fabrics that have been created are pretty rough, there are still original in the sense that they are made to suit each person it is printed for. That is achieved by putting in each persons body data along with the specifics of the fabric in the printer to create the ultimate perfect fitting fabric and articles of clothing. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have each clothing peace tailored to just your body and to fit perfectly.


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