How Virtual reality glasses work?

Virtual relity glassesVirtual glasses are a relatively new invention that lets the person that is wearing the glasses feel like they are in the movie they are watching or in the game they are playing.

These glasses are mainly used for playing games because many of them are accompanied with audio, video and head tracking sensors that tracks different signals. And thanks to that   if the person who is wearing the glasses turns his head for example, his character in the game turns its head too. This gives the gamers and also movie fans a completely different experience.

These virtual reality glasses are a bit similar to 3D glasses in the sense of how they work. Virtual goggles also display two images, because of their polarised lenses. And when we look through two different lenses at the same time our brain is able to create the illusion of depth. In fancy name it is called stereoscopy.

The virtual goggles that contain head tracking system works through a computer. The glasses sends signals to the computer with directions to modify the image that the person wearing the glasses sees as they move around their game environment.

Some of these glasses even have tracking system that enables the glasses wearer to move around in real life and they will see the image changing as the do so. This technique is similar to the head tracking system, because it is done via a computer, but the only difference is that the body instead of head movements are tracked.

The purpose of these kind of glasses is to let the wearer experience the virtual world in a very realistic way. To move around and behave in it as they would in the real world. This would be especially great in games, because the parson playing the game could fully experience the game.

But these kinds of virtual glasses can be used not only for entertainment but for professional usage to. A good example is architecture. An architect can move around a virtual building before it is even done to see all the angles, rooms and other things that need to be done or adjusted. This technology allow architect built better homes with better layouts, because they can walk through their mock-ups and finished designs even before they are built.



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