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3D games


Nowadays 3D technology has been incorporated in almost all type of technology and almost any aspect of the technology world. So no wonder now there  are also 3D games that make the gaming experience even more real and exciting.

To achieve the  3D game graphics game creators use three dimensional depiction of geometric data and also different algorithms, to create depth and three dimensional feel to all of the characters and also the environment in the game. This kind of graphic type is most often called 3D models, because it represents all of the objects in 3D.

This technology first was applied to games around 1990 when a few of computer games came out, that were titled as 3D games and had 3 dimensional main character that moved against static background. And although the graphics in these games weren’t very good, especially if we compare them with the games that come out now more than 20 years later, for that time these space and flying themed games were a huge technology advancement.

In addition to many different online and offline games nowadays there also are many 3D game consoles that lets gamers experience these 3D games even more and even better. The only thing that you will need to play these newer 3D games is a computer that is capable to run this game, because these games often require quite high specifications to run smoothly and without any lags.

If you want to experience a 3D game for your self then there are a lot of games available online and for free as well as a lot of downloadable games that will be even better and with better graphics and stories. One thing to look out for though is whether the game isn’t too complicated because there are games out there whose creators have concentrated so much on creating the 3D graphics and forgotten the story and the way the games play. So just see if the game is playable and understandable and then you can try your first experience in 3D games.

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Most interesting things you can print with 3D printer

makerbot 3d printer3D printing in last couple of years have become and exciting new way to create many different objects in very short time. That is because a 3D printer is designed to allow you print real, 3 dimensional objects from only a template. It eliminates the need to work with many different materials to create something new, exciting and beautiful.

  • Don’t you hate when the cords of almost any electronics you own always get tangled up and you need to spend a good minute to untangle them before you can use the cord? Well with a 3D printer you can print out your very own gear wrap that would allow you to organize your cords in nice lille ring and won’t prevent them from tangling up. This kind of accessory would make a lot of peoples lives that much easier.
  • Nowadays you can buy many different IPad and tablet stands but with a 3D printer you would have the ability to print the stand in the shape you want it. Weather it is in the shape of a human and it looks like he is holding the tablet up or in the shape of animal, it really doesn’t matter. You can let your imagination rad wild and create a design of your liking.
  • Also with this kind of printer you can print out any shape of lamp shade you want. It can look like a flower, sun, moon or any other object but it would be your own design and suited to your taste and to the feel you want your living space to have. And there already are designers that are using these 3D printers to create and sell original works of art. You just could be one of them.
  • And a weird as it may sound you can even print out a fabric with the 3D printer. Although for now the fabrics that have been created are pretty rough, there are still original in the sense that they are made to suit each person it is printed for. That is achieved by putting in each persons body data along with the specifics of the fabric in the printer to create the ultimate perfect fitting fabric and articles of clothing. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have each clothing peace tailored to just your body and to fit perfectly.
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4D movies

4d movieWe all have heard about 3D film and a lot of us goes to the cinema just to experience and enjoy their favorite movies in 3D. But in this technologically advanced age there have been invented a new type of movie screening – 4D technology and 4D film that in the future will let you enjoy movies even more.

A 4D film is a marketing term for new kind of movies. They combine 3D picture with different physical effects that happen to the audience in the cinema and that is synchronized with the actions that are happening in the movie.

As much as we liked to, 4D doesn’t mean that the film itself is filmed in four-dimensions and have all the effects in 4 dimensions. The fourth dimension comes from all the physical effects. For example if you are watching a film in 4D and there is some kind of scene where the actors are piloting a plane the audience will feel all the motions like they would be on the plane because their chairs will slightly move and vibrate to give them full effect.

The physical effect that can be simulated in 4D are usually rain, strobe lighting, wind and as I mentioned before different vibrations to simulate air jets. Some of these 4D cinemas also have water sprayers, leg and back ticklers and even smoke and special smells to recreates the same things that happen on the screen.

This system is very effective and lets the audience feel and experience a completely different film.But it also is very expensive to install, because you have to custom build a theater in a special venue that is suited for this kind of entertainment.

Usually films in 4D can be seen in different amusement and theme parks, although the films that are shown in these theaters usually are specially made for that particular park. But in recent years some blockbuster films have come out in 3D and 4D as well that gives hope that this is the future of cinema. For example two of the best 3D films of all time – Avatar and Journey to the Center of the Earth are amongst of the most notable films that can be seen in 4D. But in some places even very new films such as Iron Man 3 and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs can bee seen in 4D.

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Amazon 3D smartphone

Amazon 3D smartphoneJust recently Amazon introduced the public with their newest invention – a 3D smartphone. If you want to know what it is and what features it has then just keep reading.

This new kind of smartphone is called Amazon Fire Phone 3D smartphone. Long name right? Well despite it it have a list of great features that we haven’t really seen on a smartphone yet at least.

One of the most obvious features will be the 3D feature. The phone will be able to render regular images into 3D ones and showcase them in 3D which really is a great achievement and will definitely sell very well. By angling the phone in different directions the picture will change as if it would if you would walk on the one or other side of the pictured object in real life. this feature is called dynamic perspective.

Because this is an Amazon phone and Amazon is one of the biggest book distributors in the world then this phone will also have a feature that will let you quickly know where to buy a certain book. Just take a photo of the book and the phone will search for places where to buy this book. This feature will work similarly to songs and other things. Just turn the phone in the direction of the son you hear and it will direct you to Amazon to buy the tune, but if you take a picture of a painting it will direct you to Wikipedia page and give you information about this painting.

Other features in this phone include a 2 megapixel front facing and 13 megapixel camera on the back, you will be able to store unlimited count of photos on Amazon’s Cloud Drive. The screen is 4.7 inches diagonally  and it is ideal for one hand use. For music lovers with the phone comes earbuds that feature flat cords with magnetic clasp together mechanism. But for book lovers the phone has a auto scroll feature, so all you will need to do is tilt the phone and it will scroll further.

Amazon will make their phones available in 25th July and you will be able to purchase a 32 and 64 gigabyte versions. So we will just have to wait and see how the phone does when it is actually released.

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Top 5 3D movies

avatarThe number and letter combination 3D automatically associates with the cinema and movies that are released in this format. A lot of people only go to the cinema because there they have the chance to see movies in this fantastic, interactive and new age way. So here I will break down TOP 5 3D movies that are loved by people all around the world.

  • The number one on this list obviously have to be Avatar because it undeniably is the most jaw-dropping 3D adventure even up to this day. The film is directed by the famous James Cameron who is know to create huge movies and again have made one of the biggest films of all times. Avatar was released in 2009 and it seems that since the technology should have moved up and there should be an even bigger 3D film, but up until this moment there isn’t better, more colorful film that would create visual adventure to the audience a Cameron’s Avatar.
  • Although it may seem weird to put Avatar next to this movie but the second place has to go to the animation film “How to train your dragon”. This film was made by director tandem – Dean Deblois and Chris Saunders and came out in 2010. This DreamWorks film about viking village and dragons is a heart-felt movie with amazing visual effects and funny dialog.  And the climax of the film won’t disappoint even those who usually don’t like animation films. But when you watch it in 3D all the plying sequences gives you the feeling that you are on that dragon rather than the main character – Hiccup.
  • The next amazing 3D movie is called “Journey to the Center of the Earth”. This Eric Brevig film if filled with special effect that are almost specially made so that those who watch it in 3D have the journey of their lifetime. This 2008 movie centers around a scientist and his nephew that are searching for his lost brother. Lead by their guide Hannah the accidentally discover a whole another world, that is filled with magical things to showcase in 3D film.
  • Another animated movie definitely worth this list is “Monsters Vs. Aliens”. This film that was released in 2009 and directed by Robert Letterman and Conrad Vernon is a kids movie about a woman that is placed together with a group of monsters to fight alien robots. All of the sci-fi worth elements of the animated film gave the directors a great medium to color that world and make it so bright, interesting and breathtaking, that it all in 3D seems almost impossible for an animated movie. Great filmt for the whore family as there will be a little bit of everything packaged in one big box full of amazing visuals and effects.
  • And lastly I will mention a concert movie of the band U2. This movie that was filmed in 2007 is an amazing visual experience of U2’s live concert. It was directed by Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington and they used all 3D cameras that existed at the time to capture the bands performance in nine concerts. This technically heavy film came out smooth and seamless capturing the bands concert and giving the viewer an opportunity to feel like he is in the audience. The carefully edited film will truly give you the ins and the outs of the band, their concert and their amazing musical performance.

So here you have it. An eclectic mix of the best 3D movies. These are the ones that will grab your attention and take you on a visual ride through 3D effects.


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How Virtual reality glasses work?

Virtual relity glassesVirtual glasses are a relatively new invention that lets the person that is wearing the glasses feel like they are in the movie they are watching or in the game they are playing.

These glasses are mainly used for playing games because many of them are accompanied with audio, video and head tracking sensors that tracks different signals. And thanks to that   if the person who is wearing the glasses turns his head for example, his character in the game turns its head too. This gives the gamers and also movie fans a completely different experience.

These virtual reality glasses are a bit similar to 3D glasses in the sense of how they work. Virtual goggles also display two images, because of their polarised lenses. And when we look through two different lenses at the same time our brain is able to create the illusion of depth. In fancy name it is called stereoscopy.

The virtual goggles that contain head tracking system works through a computer. The glasses sends signals to the computer with directions to modify the image that the person wearing the glasses sees as they move around their game environment.

Some of these glasses even have tracking system that enables the glasses wearer to move around in real life and they will see the image changing as the do so. This technique is similar to the head tracking system, because it is done via a computer, but the only difference is that the body instead of head movements are tracked.

The purpose of these kind of glasses is to let the wearer experience the virtual world in a very realistic way. To move around and behave in it as they would in the real world. This would be especially great in games, because the parson playing the game could fully experience the game.

But these kinds of virtual glasses can be used not only for entertainment but for professional usage to. A good example is architecture. An architect can move around a virtual building before it is even done to see all the angles, rooms and other things that need to be done or adjusted. This technology allow architect built better homes with better layouts, because they can walk through their mock-ups and finished designs even before they are built.


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What is 3D printing?

3D printer3D technology in recent years have become extremely popular and not only movies, TV sets and glasses are made in with this technique. Now there is the universal 3D printer that is an amazing technology innovation and great overall device for anyone.

3D printing is a new manufacturing process that enables the user make three dimensional solid objects of any kind from digital file. The 3D object is printed by using additive process – the printer lays down successive layers or material until the object is made. Each of this super thin layers are seen on the object as thin sliced horizontal cross-sections of the printed object.

The 3D printing process is started by creating a visual design of the object that you want to print. it can be anything you like from shoe to gun, you just need to know how to create this design. It is usually done in a 3D modeling program that afterwards create Computer Aided Design fails. If you want to make a replica of already existing file then you can use a 3D scanner to make a digital copy of the existing object and put it in the 3D modeling system.

When the design is done you have to prepare it in a 3D modeling program. This software will slice the model into hundreds of horizontal layers that the printer will use as guiding points to create the final object. After the file is ready you need to upload it in the 3D printer where the printer itself will create the object by blending each layer to the next without leaving any visible seams for a full on three dimensional object.

There are a several different methods the 3D printers use to create objects. There are:

  • Selective laser sintering that uses high power laser to mash together small particles of plastic, metal, ceramic or glass powder to create mass that is shaped into the shape of the object. So layer by layer the mass is applied until the object is completed.
  • Fused deposition modeling that works by using a plastic filament or metal wire. The wire supplies the material to the extrusion nozzle that turns on and off the flow. The nozzle also is so hot that melts the material and by moving it horizontally and vertically in controlled way to form layers and so layer by layer an object is made.
  • Stereolithography is a technique in which an ultraviolet laser builds the layers of the designed object out of photopolymer. When making each of the layer the laser beam traces a cross-section of the part pattern on the surface of the liquid resin. The laser light also solidifies the pattern and joins the payers together.
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Top 3 3D websites

When you hear or see the two piece combination of 3D you most probably thing 3D cinema or 3D movies but well nowadays when the technologies are advancing in high speeds you can find also 3D websites on the internet. They are beautifully designed and are the next step in creating all 3D content. So here are top 3 of my favorite 3D websites.

The only thing I have to say before we look at these websites are that to see the full extent of the content on these websites you may need 3D glasses because otherwise it can be hard to view, but even without the glasses you can get the idea of the way this technology works and how it have the capability to change our daily internet browsing.

OK, now on with the list:

digitalpodge_co_ukThis is a website for Digital Podge 2010 which is an event for people from the digital industry to come together to share stories, successes, fails and their experience working in this industry. So I think that this website is only suitable for this kind of event because 3D technology nowadays is a big part of digital industry and the lives of people working in it. Each and every  section of the website is created in 3D mode and accompanied with beautiful graphics and backgrounds. The creators of this website did a great job to show how 3D can be used to make something spectacular.

damthemovie_comThis website is for a movie called “Dam 999” that is produced by a Sohan Roy film. The film is described as: “an imagery that is ethereally beautiful”. And the same could be said for the website itself. Although it is possible to switch to regular html version of the website, where there is more content, it is not that impressive as its 3D counterpart. The only things that you can see on the website are the name of the film, production company, a short description of it and also there is the trailer of the fil available. But the best thing about the website is that you can eve click the title away and explore the beautiful mountainside that is the scenery in this site.

embraceyourelement_comThis is a website for Element energy drink that also features 3D elements in the very moment when you enter the website. The plus is that for this website you don’t even need 3D glasses to experience 3D elements, because right at the beginning when the different flavors of the drink are showcased there are things like flames and water thrown right at you. And you really feel like they will spring out of your screen and the 3D element are seen all through the website. Another great thing is the overall powerful feel of the website as it should because it is for an energy drink.

So what do you think about 3D websites and them coming into play more and more often? I think that they are an amazing way how to make our website jumping internet surfing experience more interesting and more interactive.

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How 3D cameras work

3d camera3D movies are a great invention because they let people who are watching them experience and get more of these films that a regular 2D movie. But there is whole bunch of technology including cameras to capture any movie in 3D that is very interesting and exciting.

The 3D cameras essentially are two or more cameras rigged together to capture the movie from different angles at the same speed in a way similarly to how human brau captures real world.

Some 3D cameras also have dual lenses  that are 3 inches apart. That is done to make the camera similar to human eye. Each of our eyes perceive image in a bit different way and our eyes are roughly 3 inches apart so by mimicking the human eyes with the camera lenses the movie makers are able to capture similar picture with depth as our eyes do. later by using the 3D glasses we alternate the image so that our brain can process it and make an illusion that the movie we are seeing have depth.

To shoot close up shots in 3D the two cameras or two lenses have to be placed very close to each other to get the right depth. So here cameramen use mirror rings – two cameras that are operated from the same lens, but the image is split the way it needs to be for 3D movie by two very little mirrors, hence the name mirror rigs.

Because it is pretty impossible to capture image with the ideal 3D depth perception so the filmmakers, producers and screenwriters all need to work together and write the screenplays that have shots that are suited to 3D cameras. They usually are usually shots that triangulate geometric distance, so that the screens look good on 3D screens. That is why careful and perfect shot planning will not only make the film director job easier but the shooting will be easier too and the film might end up looking much better.

After all the scenes are shot there is special software that is used to edit the footage into movie. This software lets the editors match the image up in the correct relation with geometric algorithms so that that the movie appear in 3D, as well as edit the rest of the film. This software is also a big part of 3D movies, because without the software you wouldn’t be able put together the footage that was filmed with the 3D cameras.

So there you have it – how 3D cameras work and in addition also what helps the 3D cameras to create the ideal 3D movie.


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What is 3D technology

Nowadays going to the cinema is all about the 3D experience, the movie being watched in 3D form to get the best picture and the best adventure while watching a movie. But nowadays there are available many different gadgets and devices that can translate its content in 3D manner and all of these devices are called 3D technology.

Although we all kind of know what 3D means or at least have seen or experienced it for ourselves before speaking about 3D technology we should look at what 3D actually means.

3D stands for three dimensions which means that by looking at content in 3D you will see all of the object on 3 axis Cartesian coordinate system – instead of only the horizontal X and vertical Y axes there will be the third Z axe, that will represent the depth of the picture. So by looking at anything that is called 3D it will appear as in real life with the depth too, like you could touch it.

In cinema and in most 3D technologies this 3D term means that all of this technology have 3D computer graphic aspects, like the minimization of binocular disparity know also as stereoscopy process, when the picture is altered mainly with 3D glasses to create the depth.

Also we need to at the 3D glasses themselves to better understand the 3D system and also all of the 3D technology as many of the 3D gadgets use 3D glasses.

In many cases the 3D content itself has 2 sets of video embedded in it one for each lense of the 3D glasses to create the 3D image. The special lenses of the 3D glasses will each perceive the video type that is meant for it, filter the frames for your brain to understand the content and transform it so that is has depth – it becomes 3D.

But now we can not only see 3D in the cinema as it used to be but in our homes too, because many companies make TV sets and even laptops that offer this kind of 3D technology to their consumers.  You can watch your favorite movies and sports events in 3D to make it more realistic and to make it feel like you’re there in the movie set or sports arena.

Now you can choose from many manufacturers and kind of 3D TVs from ones who do need the 3D glasses to ones that don’t. You can also even pick up a 3D phone model, 3D video cameras, 3D printers and event laptops that support 3D content. And this is just the beginning of the list of technologies that are or soon will be available in some form of 3D.


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