4D movies

4d movieWe all have heard about 3D film and a lot of us goes to the cinema just to experience and enjoy their favorite movies in 3D. But in this technologically advanced age there have been invented a new type of movie screening – 4D technology and 4D film that in the future will let you enjoy movies even more.

A 4D film is a marketing term for new kind of movies. They combine 3D picture with different physical effects that happen to the audience in the cinema and that is synchronized with the actions that are happening in the movie.

As much as we liked to, 4D doesn’t mean that the film itself is filmed in four-dimensions and have all the effects in 4 dimensions. The fourth dimension comes from all the physical effects. For example if you are watching a film in 4D and there is some kind of scene where the actors are piloting a plane the audience will feel all the motions like they would be on the plane because their chairs will slightly move and vibrate to give them full effect.

The physical effect that can be simulated in 4D are usually rain, strobe lighting, wind and as I mentioned before different vibrations to simulate air jets. Some of these 4D cinemas also have water sprayers, leg and back ticklers and even smoke and special smells to recreates the same things that happen on the screen.

This system is very effective and lets the audience feel and experience a completely different film.But it also is very expensive to install, because you have to custom build a theater in a special venue that is suited for this kind of entertainment.

Usually films in 4D can be seen in different amusement and theme parks, although the films that are shown in these theaters usually are specially made for that particular park. But in recent years some blockbuster films have come out in 3D and 4D as well that gives hope that this is the future of cinema. For example two of the best 3D films of all time – Avatar and Journey to the Center of the Earth are amongst of the most notable films that can be seen in 4D. But in some places even very new films such as Iron Man 3 and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs can bee seen in 4D.


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